E.M. Skinner Replica Reservoirs

GHP Associates carefully recreates a full line of both the EM and Aeolian Skinner reservoirs. We have taken the time to carefully measure out all details and recreate them faithfully, for those who demand the best. We can also supply replacement parts for older reservoirs, such as wind boxes, spring rails, covers and even springs. Yes we even have springs custom wound to the original EM and AE Skinner specifications! We take the time to finish all parts properly, which involves sanding to 220 grit, then staining and finishing with numerous coats of brushed on Shellac.




 We use Mortise and Tennon joinery on all reservoir frame work. Of all the joinery we've seen used for reservoir construction, mortise and tennon joints appear to be the best and most durable. We have a dedicated machine for this. All the joints are pinned in two locations, (on the inside of course) with 1/4" dowels. This type of joinery takes a little more time, which might be the reason most builders stopped using them, but we feel as though the extra time spent is well worth it!








All components are sanded on the stroke sander to at least 150 grit, then sanded with a straight-line hand sander to 220. Finishing is very important to us.









Valve seat opening is cut with a circle jig; no jig saw is used in the shop for any openings, either wind in-outlets or cone valve seats except for oval wind holes. Here you can see the pins that secure the mortise and tennon joint.







The reservoir Back has been sized with 3 coats of thinned fish glue, then joint taped with fully skived bellows leather. Note how tape wraps around the corner. The felt and leather has been installed around the valve seat. Note the care at which the leather and tacks are installed around the seat; attention to detail is everywhere in anything done in the GHP Associates shop, not only on the outside. All the seat leather is neatly skived and stretched around the seat, making a nice seating for the cone valve







Note that the wind box is fastened with 1/4" x 20 T.P.I. round head machine screws with springs. This has pretty much removed the problem of seasonal changes in the wood. Covers are made from 1" Poplar core and veneer plywood.









 Here is the cone valve and its related seat. Attention to detail is even inside the reservoir. Notice the cross dowels across each panel cover screw. On both our restorations and new construction, cross dowels are always installed. 1 1/2" leather discs are to cover the slightly counter-bored "T" nuts.









Top of reservoir. 1/2" Baltic Plywood was used for top covers, but 1/2" Poplar is generally used. (This client requested 1/2" birch plywood.)







Additional Notes


Generally reservoirs can be delivered in 4 weeks. We try to expedite the job as quick as possible however, you must remember we're in the restoration business not in the supply business. We never just push work out the door.

Prices are FOB Seekonk, MA 02771. Our terms for all custom work are 50% with placement of order, 50% on shipping. We can supply shipping containers, which must be returned ($300.00 deposit to insure they are returned.) Prices include average spring layout, springs for high pressure will be $19 each extra; add $70 for each additional set of spring rails for every two extra springs.

We generally do not wind test reservoirs, but can balance (if necessary) and set springs to the right settings to the pressure you request, on request (slight additional charge). We will be happy to cut wind holes in both the wind box and the bottom covers if you so desire, this is all inclusive of the price. We can also build a floor support frame, should the reservoir need to be installed vertically; this would be done on a time and material basis


Standard Sizes



72" x 48"

Call for Price

15" valve

60" x 36"

Call for Price

15" or 12" valve

48" x 30"

Call for Price

8" or 10" valve

36" x 24"

Call for Price

6" or 8" valve

30" x 20"

Call for Price

4" valve