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Why not consider us for your next restoration project? Call, FAX or e-mail your requirements to Gary Phillips. Have a design problem that needs more time than you can give it? Call us - we can help!

Does tying up resources building or restoring reservoirs, tremulants, chests, swell engines or special custom parts cause you to run behind schedule? Our specialty is keeping your project moving efficiently by taking these time consuming operations out of your way. We pride ourselves in making your project look and function in a way that's satisfying to your most demanding customers. And - we achieve on time delivery!

We repair and restore tonewheel Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers. We have a full complement of the correct test and repair instruments to diagnose and repair your Hammond B-3, C-3, A-100, RT-3 organ, as well as older tonewheel Hammond instruments made from 1940 thru 1975. We stock the TREK II line of products to enhance the sound, reliability and playing enjoyment of your Classic Hammond and Leslie set-up! We generally have a limited selection of Hammond and Leslie products for sale at our shop, too.

Email Tim Holloran with your Hammond/Leslie requirements.


For information and detailed photos of our replica EM Skinner reservoirs Click here  These units have become very popular for expanding existing organs. Now you can add additional sets of pipes to an instrument, and keep the wind system all Skinner design!



Our new 8,500 square foot shop is equipped to serve you!

Please drop by and visit if you’re in the area!

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